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S Band Services

S Band Services

Keeping seafaring vessels and data connected has never been more important. From tracking, to automation of technical sytems, to communications of crew and passengers makes it a requirement to have continious access to communication networks.

We deliver reliable and affordable solutions by using EchoStar Mobile services and Hughes Network Systems’ equipments. These service and equipment can provide your ships with the connectivity that is needed to make sure that the communication is always available in waterways within and surrounding Europe. Wih a range of voice and data services and a choice of terminals, EchoStar Mobile ensures that vessels are guaranteed a highly available seamless service across Europe and the UK (including the Mediterranean and the North Sea).

Our service and coverage area:

Our three basic services are:

Extra mobile voice integrated service: This service is mainly designed for technicians and service personnel serving ships. With a single mobile box (Hughes 4200 PDT) a roaming professional can have access in any locvation within our coveragfe area, and can use 4200 both as a modem/router and a voice gateway.

Mobile capacity service: This service is mainly designed for ships usually travelling in sea routes that is away from GSM coverage. This service is mainly a IP data service and utilizes Hughes 4500 roof top device, that can be installed on any suitable, open to sky flat surface on a ship. This service can be bundled with our voice network services by means of a ATA box.

Hybrid capacity service: This service is mainly designed for vessles travelling near shorlines and on rivers and water channels, thus having occasional access to GSM networks. For switching between GSM and satellite capacity Hughes 4510 dual mode device needs to be used.

All our services are being ofered with several quota limits. For bigger fleets we can offer Shared Corporate Allovance Plans (SCAP). Both for regular capacity applications and SCAP packages, please contact our sales team.