GSS Maritime

VSAT Services

VSAT Services

We are providing Global Maritime Satellite communication services by using Intelsat’s fleet and FLEX products. As such our service features are:

  • Powered by Intelsat Flex Platform KU VSAT with 16 SATELLITES and 145+ Beams World largest satellite Fleet
  • Fully Managed
  • Dedicated bandwidth for VOIP and Management
  • Bandwidth Management to ensure excellent customer experience without congestions 
  • Offered in 45cm , 60cm and 100cm classes 
  • Flexible, cost-effective packages for regional & global services
  • Fully automated and seamless beam switching

Our coverage area is literaly global, covering all major sea routes. 

Our reliability and consistence comes from following factors:

  • Unique powerful multi-layered coverage integrating Intelsat 
  • Epic HTS and wide beams
  • Simplified and unified ecosystem
  • The HTS coverage and layers of wide beam capacity add resilience and redundancy to the ShipSat HTS service
  • Ships have access to multiple satellites across the globe
  • Reducing and eliminating blockages from vessel obstructions

Our predefined service models are:

HTS-100 MIR 1024/512kbps
HTS-100 MIR 2048/512kbps
HTS-100 MIR 5120/1024kbps
HTS-100 MIR 10240/3072kbps

In order to provide our services we are using 1M Ku-Band GEO/MEO/LEO VSAT Terminal compatible Z10MK4 antennae with iDirect iq200 modems.